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Free Weights

Building muscle and strength is one of the biggest reasons to come to the gym. While many people have home gyms, our facilities have weights to fit everyone's needs. No matter if you are trying to take it easy that day or if you are trying for a new personal best, we can help you get there!

Tailored advice

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. We have all been there. You sit down to do something and getting going is the only roadblock. Working out is very much the same, but we have the resources to help you start your journey to health. When you sign up, you will be given a chance to meet with our in-house trainer, Brigitte Williams, to help you turn your plans into results on us!

For the whole Family

We understand that it's difficult to commit to fitness when you have so many other stresses to go through each day. Work, family, hobbies, there almost seems to never be enough time in the day. In light of that, we have made our facilities open to anyone between 13-16 to join with their family as long as they are chaperoned by a parent or guardian. Bring your teens with you and discover how fitness is a family matter!

We want you to reach your goals,
and we can show you how.

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